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A tragicomedy

set inside your smartphone.



to backfirewall_!

It is a first-person tragicomic narrative adventure game that’s set inside a smartphone. You are the update assistant – solve puzzles to counter the update and save the previous operating system from deletion.

The fate of the System lies in your hands!

Discover the story of the phone user as you explore the phone and gather text messages. Full of intriguing twists and turns, with each gathered message you’ll gain more context to understand it.

What will you find out?

game features

Press enter and enjoy the following features:

Solve clever

Review terminal errors in RAM, have fun in the Speakers’ nightclub, and explore other areas of a smartphone.

Use cheat-codes to manipulate the environment

Hunt down or create bugs, collect errors, delete data with special cheat-codes, and more.

Meet a variety
of app-characters

Gossip with quirky pieces of software like the sassy Photos and uncover their distinct side stories.

Find numerous

Gather emails scattered about and discover a parallel story of the phone User.

Enjoy unproductive
and useless humor

There’s never enough of breaking the fourth wall and meta satirical humor.


Admire photos and videos of the system.

About the team

Naraven is a young female-led team based in Lausanne, Switzerland. Armed with a movie-making background, Naraven has gathered a diverse network of contributors all over the world to create the narrative adventure Backfirewall_.

For more information, visit:

Adriana de Pesters

Tech director
and co-founder

Julia Jean

Creative director
and co-founder

Greg Terlikowski


Keval Narigara

Character animator

Lola Robert

Producer & project-manager

Max Raymond

Sound designer

Phoebe Shalloway

Generalist designer & programmer

Ricardo Accioly

Environment artist



Tay Dunn

Lead artist

Lucie Robert

Lead designer

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